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San Diego

me and my cousin Nicholas Football at Qualcomm stadium, SD
Del Mar, Lifeguard HQRTS flags rescue boat

Yosemite N.P.

a very clean Amercan truc Taco Bell Drive-Thru waterfall mountain lake group picture at Red Peak Pass in the rain split tree ranger station me at Merced lake camp fire Merced lake Chinatown, San Francisco Golden gate Golden gate Haight Ashbury red classic car in front of coffee shop Fire station

Back 'Home'

uncle Chris with his new enormous barbecue cousin Nicholas, like father, like son small kid, big truck Skyline of downtown San Diego

Tijuana, Mexico

Drinking cocktails in Tijuana that's me

Joshua Tree N.P.

Denny's me with cactusses at Joshua Tree NP just the cactusses closing the office big truck didn't know, Jesus made trucks

Last night in S.D.

group picture uncle Chris, aunt Kathy and cousin Nicholas Nicholas with scuba gear


Chicago downtown, view from Sears tower Chicago subway

Back in Belgium

Back in Zaventem, Brussels

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