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In late June 1998 - I forgot the exact date- I made a small trip to the Ardennen, which is located in the South-East of Belgium. All of us were anxiously awaiting proclamation at the end of the month, and the idea was to relief the tension by doing some "hiking" in the 'Ardennen'. A great idea. Eventually we nearly missed our train and were back just in time for the proclamation. Nobody thought of marks, evaluation,... those days. confused

We left almost without preparation. We had a map and lined out the itinerary the day before We got lost in the woods, some of us enjoyed an ice-cold bath -definitly not me. One night we had a magnificent clear sky and saw a lot of stars. Zillions of falling stars! Some scaringly closeby ;-) I still have wishes to come true now. Too bad I don't have more pictures of this trip!
cold! Brecht Bart

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