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Lifeguard at 'De Panne'

Nederlandstalige versie van deze pagina

De Panne

  • 'De Panne' August 2000, dutch only, check the pictures! My last year as a lifeguard! So Here they are, more than 80 pictures, and pages of text. If you only want to see the pictures, all of them. Go to the photo album!
  • 'De Panne' August 1999, English version not available yet, Browse the Dutch version to view the pictures It took me a long time, but the waiting paid off. Finally online with more than 30 pictures. If you aren't on a picture now, you did a hell of a job hiding this summer. Enjoy!
  • 'De Panne' August 1998, English | Nederlands
  • Outdated, but still fun to read, 'Beau Soleil' (Dutch only), info about the apartment we'll rent in August. Nine of us bunked there for a month, in August 1999

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