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Lifeguard at 'De Panne'

August 1998
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In August 1998, I did my first 'tour of duty' as a lifeguard. I obtained my lifeguard certificate back in 1996, but it took me some years to get a job as a lifeguard at sea. I had already worked as a lifeguard at a swimming pool, but lifeguarding at sea is totally different and much more fun!

This page shows some pictures of the lifeguard team of 'De Panne' "in action". Rest assured, they were taken on a calm day. Calm day meaning there weren't a lot of people a the beach. It was too chilly and windy. Notice the jackets we are wearing. Since there wasn't much to do, We entertained ourselves and the tourists a bit by building a human pyramid. To regain our strength we ate a little snack. Almost nobody went into the water that day. Yes, Belgium weather is unpredictable and can be bad even in the middle of the summer.
group foto feet, who is who? building a human pyramid
core group! pyramid harrasment!

Filip harassing Stefanie.

bodyboarders rule

On one of my free days I went bodyboarding with Hendrik. Thanks to Hendrik's relations with the local sailing club we could lend the gear! The waves aren't normally that big, but there was a small storm that day.

More pictures

Bart Vandewoestyne, has some on his homepage too. Check them out!

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