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Latest updates

The Squash Challenge form is back online.

Squash sucks!

Change of jobs. Yep that's right, on monday Sept. 3th I start working at BELNET as a network engineer. I also enjoyed some extra holidays

Allright, after some serious losses. I'm back in business. Check out my latest squash results in the Squash section

For my latest travel trip, I went to Canda. Check the pictures; Canada trip



Welcome to my place on the web. I have a lot of different things online. So follow the links below and maybe you will find order in this mad chaos!


This is the place to go for pictures of me and my colleague lifeguards in action. I have also written some words about this great summer job. Go ahead and enjoy the beach life!


My travel pages. Pictures, stories, info about the travelling I did. Yep, that's right, during the holidays I tend to spread my wings. You'll find pictures of my most 'recent' trips, that is my first US trip in 1996, a small trip to the 'Ardennes' in Southeast of Belgium, a hiking trip in the Pyrenees, France 1998. Latest was Canada
More to come ...


This section is supposed to tell you something about the sports I do. Currently only some drivel about squash. You can check my latest squashresults. If you're serious and like to play a game with me, go ahead and challenge me.


This is all the other stuff. Blank Cartridges. Where else to put it?
  • One off my colleagues lost a bet at work. He had to wash all the cars of the personal. Here you can see him in action, washing my car.
  • Personal data in my datasheet, not to personal of course
  • My page was featured in 'Clickx', a Belgian Internet magazine, Edition of 7 dec '99. Whaaaw, what an honour. Read the article (Dutch only)
  • I wrote a 'story' about the Alcatel Internet Students Week. Thirty students were selected for this week. I was one of them. If you want to know what the AISW was all about you need to read this.
  • An article I read about a guy (or gal?) in Brussels who sets cars of the make Peugeot on fire. The article and some thoughts.
  • You want to play a game of poker and win big time? Well then you better make sure you understand the rules!
  • Of course this is the real stuff!

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